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“Learning by Doing” advances the frontiers of elearning

A recent article in Trainingmag.com extols distance learning as industry’s key means for meeting the exploding demands for continuous education and knowledge upgrades for employees at every level and skill.

“To stay competitive, organizations need workers to adapt and evolve to rapidly changing conditions that require new competencies,” says author Norm Willox. He adds that, “Organizations are adding distance learning to traditional instructor-led training because it’s delivered instantaneously, offers greater flexibility, lowers costs and improves performance.”

Among the advantages and benefits of distance learning the author notes is the essence of the Kinetic Learning Solution: a powerful learning methodology that helps our clients meet their organizational learning needs and business objectives:

“Instructor-led page-turners are being replaced by dynamic, interactive video content involving real world experts dealing with real world situations.

...High-quality video, multimedia, and gaming/simulation technologies (are) able to engage learners in a way PowerPoint slides and brochures of the past couldn’t.”

To seal the proposition that rich distance learning like the Kinetic Learning Solution is not only fast, engaging and highly relevant but also delivers on its promise of more effective learning and subsequently improved performance, Willox notes that “the Department of Education recently released a report … that found, ‘On average, students in online or distance learning environments perform better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.’”

Read the full Trainingmag.com article here: TrainingMag.com