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Sample Information

RMT, Inc. is one of the largest wind farm construction general contractors in the United States. RMT’s first priority on every construction project is to assure the health and safety of every employee. The learner population includes all RMT team members and contractor employees.

Built on behavior-based safety principles, the WorkingSmart SafetyChallenge combines video, audio, 3D animation and interactive technology to create worksite simulations that challenge learners to recognize and avoid jobsite health and safety risks, and to take appropriate steps to prevent incidents and accidents. Challenges are grouped into nine lessons that correspond to major wind farm construction phases, thus providing relevance to what the learners experience every day, on the job.

Frank Greb, RMT Vice President & General Manager, says that “WorkingSmart is a cornerstone of our commitment to achieving zero work injuries—a critical factor in completing wind farm projects on time at reduced cost and improved profitability.”

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