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HR DecisionMaker

HR DecisionMaker

HR DecisionMaker, an exciting approach to solving today's HR challenges. Developed by Kinetic Learning, with subject matter expertise provided by Walt Flynn and Pat Langan, who collectively have over 50 years as HR professionals in healthcare, banking and higher education.

HR DecisionMaker provides a unique set of resources and learning, covering the entire employee life-cycle, that:

  • Improves practices and procedures
  • Improves consistency
  • Provides distributed, easy access
  • Reduces service delivery cost
  • Trains staff in with relevant exercises
  • Reduces compliance risk

The program is a powerful, user-friendly, web-based HR resource that provides access to three key services:

  1. Guides/Resources:
    • Decision Maps – to assist in solving problems
    • Policies and Procedures – to establish standards
    • Forms – to save time
    • Articles – to provide additional information
    • Links – to provide additional resources

  2. Training/Certification:
    • Learning Challenges – real world scenarios to promote discovery, understanding and confidence. Guides/Resources are integrated with the learning experience.
    • Certification – Challenge scoring to support “certification”

  3. Service Center (Optional)
    • Hot-line
    • Support Services



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