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Biosite Sales Team Excellence Tests

Biosite is a leading provider of rapid medical diagnostics products used in hospital emergency rooms. Nearly every day patients are treated in emergency departments across the country for complications due to drug overdose. Biosite'sTriage Drugs of Abuse Panels are used in more than 2,300 —nearly 50%— of all U.S. hospitals.

This series of on-line tests was created as part of the Biosite Sales Team Excellence program, which includes a strategic selling program and sales manager tools. The example featured here tests the learner's knowledge of Drugs of Abuse & Toxicology (DOA/TOX). Before taking the  test, the learner is required to read and synthesize the information using either the provided binder or CD regarding Triage DOA and Triage TOX. A score of 80% or greater is expected on the DOA/TOX exam.


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