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Deltec GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle Challenge

The hazards of needlestick injuries, especially blood-borne pathogens, is an ongoing problem in the healthcare industry.

Realizing that protected needle devices would alleviate many of these injuries, Deltec, a leading global provider of medical devices, responded with the GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle, which is reliable, safe, and easy to use.

This course was bundled with a product launch for the new GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle used by oncology and other long-term care nurses. The program included the learning module as well as collateral, such as Technique Verification and Attendance Forms, descriptive product animations and training videos, all of which are available in multiple languages.

The brief, fun course had several objectives:

  1. Differentiate Deltec from the competition by providing the sales rep with a new product and a learning program in one package.
  2. Address institutional inflexibility by providing the sales rep with 5 different program delivery methods.
  3. Decrease sample use by prepping the nurse user on the principles of accessing and deaccessing the needle prior to physically touching one.
  4. Make it "fast, fun and friendly" for nurses to demonstrate their mastery of the information.


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