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Sample Information

Deltec GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle Demo Video

This demonstration video is part of a complete learning program that was bundled with a product launch for the new GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle used by oncology and other long-term care nurses. The program included the learning module as well as collateral, such as Technique Verification and Attendance Forms, descriptive product animations and this demonstration video, all of which are available in multiple languages.

The video describes the needle’s various components, and shows how to access (insert), de-access (remove) and dispose of the needle. Text support graphics are used, rather than voice over narration, as a cost-effective means of translating the video into multiple foreign languages.

Be sure to view the other elements of this engaging program, the Deltec GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle Challenge and the Deltec GRIPPER PLUS™ Safety Needle Attract Loop, a 3D animation of the device.


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