Every Kinetic Learning course is built on four cornerstones:


Align learning objectives with the project's strategic objectives.

Eight people sitting around a table talking.


Engage the learner in self-directed learning based on the simple premise that people learn best by doing.

A woman looking at a computer monitor.


Involve the learner in rich and practical but risk-controlled exercises that challenge him or her to acquire and demonstrate new or improved job and problem-solving skills.

A screen shot of a course showing a video option being selected in a multiple choice question.


Reinforce the knowledge and skills the learner acquires and demonstrates.

A screen shot showing feedback appearing based on the user making a correct choice.

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Through learn by doing, learners are transformed from passive recipients of information to actively engaged seekers of knowledge.

The result: reflective, independent thinkers and problem solvers who put best practices into daily practice.

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